Tuesday, May 22, 2012

OEM does not send alert notification mails! Did you maybe change SYSMAN password ? :-)

A few days ago, I got a new  db to maintain and administer. After first look, I started EM console, and ask customer for SMTP parameters. 
Of course, there is no SYS and SYSMAN password :-). After consultation with customer, we decide to change SYSMAN password, so I can configure mail alerting from OEM. 
I successfully reset SYSMAN password, and create one account with sysdba privilege, because we don't have SYS password:

 Ok, now is all ready for EM console.. I set SMTP server, mail account, rules, notification, schedule,.. Test mail for account and mail server is coming. But, when I schedule alerting and lower some thresholds for metrics (CPU, tablespace used,..)(don't want to wait some real alert :-) ) to get first alert mail, nothing happened!!!

Hmmm... Double check everything again..nothing...
Than, I found something strange: SYSMAN account is getting locked!
So, I unlock, but, after few seconds, again.. Aha, someone trying to use SYSMAN with old pass, obviosly.
OK, I solved this temporarily with creating another profile with failed_login_attempts = unlimited and alter SYSMAN with that new profile. (SYSMAN was in DEFAULT profile with failed_login_attempts = 10)

 But, still, mail alerting does not working!

Quick check for jobs parameter and do I have some alerts at all ? Quick searching on forums, net , metalink.. nothing useful a lot..
Than, I try one "trick"...I start to create SR on metalink, describe my problem in details with keywords, and on step 3 or 4, you get advises to look some Notes, based on problem/keywords you enter in describing your issue. 4 Notes is pop in my case, 3 of them was some usual general Note, but one does not ! :-)
One was: How To Change the Password of the Database User Sysman (DB Control Repository Schema) [ID 259379.1]

Waaaiit ?!!!

 I WAS change pass for SYSMAN and write SR about mail alerting !! Of course, after reading a Note, I found that, when you change SYSMAN pass, you need to stop/reset EM console !! Because my DB is, it was enough to : (before you must manually change emoms.properties file) After start EM console, my mailbox get 25 messages immediately ! :-) And, finally, I change SYSMAN user again to DEFAULT profile, and everything was ok, without locking!

What I learned today:
 1) Always backup old password hash when you change user password :-(
2) Use Metalink, it is there for us :-)

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