Thursday, April 4, 2013

Exadata BCU script does not see/list pool from Sun ZFS Storage Appliance

A few weeks ago, I had to configure RMAN backup on Exadata, with Sun ZFS Storage Appliance.
All configuration can be made, off course, manually, ( here is some good point to start: Sun ZFS Backup Appliance Installation and Configuration Guide), but Oracle put available utility, that is a great help in such configuration.
Utility can be found as Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance Plugin Downloads (Oracle Exadata Backup Configuration Utility v1.1.2):  Oracle Exadata Backup Configuration Utility 

So, when you unpack utility, that is a bunch of scripts, and start main exadata_bcu script, you provide some answers (IP, name, shares,..) and script should connect to  Sun ZFS Storage Appliance, get pools, that you can choose pool for RMAN backup.

But, in our case, script does not see pool in ZFS Storage Appliance:
We investigate all scripts in directory, find that there is script with name ! When we start, it is obvious that from exadata we can see the pool on ZFS Storage:
OK, so problem is somewhere in main or other script, after getting pools from ZFS Storage.

After some digging, we found that in the, there is (152.) line:
So, script expecting, that owner of the pool is the same as nodename, but, when we start, we get result without owner.
We investigate all menus and choices in ZFS Storage web and ssh commands, but nowhere is possibility to set owner.
Than, we commented that line and add this:
and then, everything works perfect further :
and configure RMAN goes as expected.

We think, that the reason, for script expecting owner, is, that Sun ZFS Storage Appliance usually comes in cluster, and than owner is first or second Appliance in cluster, but, in our case, there is only one Appliance, and there is no owner in that case.

I can't found anything about this problem on Metalink, forums, blogs decide to write post about that, maybe this will help someone. Anyway, above is how you can solve the problem if you ever have same situation! :-)

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